A Process takes inputs and transforms them into outputs, and may be connected to other Processes in process flows.

A Process happens in an organizational Context.
Context: The Project Spider rig

Create a spider rig

This process is connected to other processes to fulfill a Work order.
Order: Work order 278 for Deliver the Spider Rig due: 2018-09-11

This Process:

Milestone 0 - Project Administration to Deliver the Spider Rig starting 2018-08-21 ending 2018-09-30

General project administration tasks.

Input requirements:

Time Contribution Work - Administration 10.00 Time - Hours

General admin tasks.

To Be Changed R&D report 1.00 Idea
Time Contribution Work - Accounting and Finance 2.00 Time - Hours
Time Contribution Work - Business building 4.00 Time - Hours

This is initial engagement in developing the relation with the Sponsor, prior to the start date of the project. Tibi and Tim were involved, they can log their contributions here.

Time Contribution Work - Outreach-Marketing 10.00 Time - Hours

Reach out to other communities through social media and gather support for the project.

Time Contribution Work - Meeting 5.00 Time - Hours

Important, administrative meetings for the project.

Time Contribution Work - Facilitation and coordination 5.00 Time - Hours

General project facilitation and coordination task, among affiliated, during the course of the project.

Time Contribution Work - Writing 4.00 Time - Hours

Writing reports for Sponsor and other sponsor-related communication.

Time Contribution Work - Information mining 1.00 Time - Hours

Explore the application domain of the Sponsor to understand the its context.
Task Bev.

Time Contribution Work - Artistic - Creating visuals 2.00 Time - Hours

Create visual content for outreach. - Max

Time Contribution Work - Training others 5.00 Time - Hours

This is an onboarding task, taking care of new comers to the project.

Output plans:

R&D report 1.00 Idea