A Process takes inputs and transforms them into outputs, and may be connected to other Processes in process flows.

A Process happens in an organizational Context.
Context: The Network SENSORICA
This process is connected to other processes to fulfill a Work order.
Order: Work order 245 for NRP remake 2017 initiative due: 2017-08-07

This Process:

Create structure to NRP remake 2017 initiative starting 2017-07-11 ending 2017-07-12

Making a general plan, thinking about incentives (contribution accounting and benefits redistribution equation), put in place governance.

Input requirements:

To Be Changed Document - Presentation 1.00 Idea
Time Contribution Work - Administration 8.00 Time - Hours

If IT infrastructure development gets funded, how are we going to distribute the money? All contributors need to have at least a general idea.

Create and adopt a Value Equation Agreement.

Every project is governed independently, meaning that it has its own value equation and its own governance.

See more about value equation

See how to create a Value equation agreement document.

Time Contribution Work - Administration 10.00 Time - Hours

Create and adopt governance document for the project.

***NOTE: see past attempts for IT infrastructure development projects, get inspired from their governance docs attempts...

Every project is governed independently, it has its own value equation and governance.
The Project Governance Doc is a very important foundational document that will save a lot of time later and will greatly reduce the risk of conflicts during the course of the project.
NOTE: The Project Governance Doc is a participatory document, meaning that everyone involved in the beginning should adopt it. You can start from a template and remix your own. The Project Governance Doc must contain a process for changing the governance at a later moment.

Output plans:

Document - Presentation 1.00 Idea