A Process takes inputs and transforms them into outputs, and may be connected to other Processes in process flows. The work of Work - Writing contributes to This Process.

A Process happens in an organizational Context.
Context: The Network SENSORICA
This process is connected to other processes to fulfill a Work order.
Order: Work order 344 for Document - Conditions for project due: 2022-07-09

This Process:

Outreach for resources to Document - Conditions for project starting 2022-06-16 ending 2022-06-16

Signal needs and tell people how they can help.

Create a communication strategy and all the materials necessary for an outreach campaign. This campaign is designed to attract resources to the project. A crowdfunding campaign is one form of outreach that could fit here, but we need to think larger than that, to attract people with skills, spaces, equipment and tools, $ and more.

Input requirements:

To Be Changed Document - Conditions for project 1.00 Idea
Time Contribution Work - Analysis and Strategy 20.00 Time - Hours

Create a communication strategy.

Save that in a document in SENSORICA's database and link to it in this process as a resource. This document might already exist if it was already created at the earlier stage. You might want to read other communication strategy document and get inspired. Search SENSORICA's database for "Communication strategy"
The main goal here is to get all the necessary resources for the project, including participants.

Time Contribution Work - Artistic 20.00 Time - Hours

Create picture and video(s) for outreach.

These resources are going to be used in the outreach campaign, but it is highly recommended that you also use them on the Project's page of the project's Path to market page, wherever appropriate.

Store these resources somewhere on the web and make them accessible to the public, in order to allow others to use them and to embed them.

Time Contribution Work - Outreach-Marketing 20.00 Time - Hours

Orchestrate the outreach campaign. This requires social media and live activity to spread the message and to gather support. It feeds on the communication strategy and all the support material that has been created.

Time Contribution Work - Writing 8.00 Time - Hours

Create text material for outreach.

This can be the mission of the project, description, milestones, etc. Save this text in the Path to market page of the project, in the appropriate section. To find the Path to market page use the website's search bar to search for the "name of the project" and "path to market".

Output plans:

Document - Conditions for project 1.00 Idea