A Process takes inputs and transforms them into outputs, and may be connected to other Processes in process flows. The work of Work - Information mining contributes to This Process.

A Process happens in an organizational Context.
Context: The Project Greens for Good

* Remix / design and prototype a mid-size leaves blender.
* Evaluate its performance.
* Distribute a few prototypes to organizations local producers or through NGOs.

A leaves blender is used to extract leaves concentrate, which can be of highly nutritional value.
Leaves concentrate is essentially a curd, made from leaves juice.

This process is connected to other processes to fulfill a Work order.
Order: Work order 316 due: 2021-03-23

Previous processes:

This Process:

Work Package 2 - Capacity Building starting 2021-03-16 ending 2021-03-23

Maintain project page
Create communication materials and communication strategy
Map pools of talent
Outreach campaign
Onboarding, orientation, facilitation and coordination

Total budget 2,400$

# Your contribution logs need to contain a description of what you have done, a few words about results, feedback, ...
# This task cannot be monopolized by any contributor, it is open to participation.
# Number of man-hours and budget are fixed. If more time is spent than planned and money to be paid surpasses the allocated budget, contributors involved in this task split the allocated budget in proportion to everyone's contribution.
# Contributions that do not reflect good work, that are inflated, or that are not properly documented can be redflagged by any contributor in this project, which can lead to the invalidation of the contribution. Repetitively misrepresenting work in logged contributions can lead to expulsion from project.

Working doc

Input requirements:

Time Contribution Work - Outreach-Marketing 50.00 Time - Hours

Create communication materials and communication strategy, 350$ budget
Outreach campaign, 800$ budget
Total Budget 1,150$

Time Contribution Work - Infrastructure development 5.00 Time - Hours

Maintain web pages associated with the project; 100$ budget.

Time Contribution Work - Facilitation and coordination 30.00 Time - Hours

Onboarding, orientation, facilitation and coordination, 1,050$ budget

Time Contribution Work - Information mining 5.00 Time - Hours

Map pools of talent (open source communities, specialized social media groups, etc.), 100$ budget.

Use Diigo to find and bookmark organizations, communities, projects relevant for this project. These are pool of talent, targets and channels, you'll engage to draw some talent into our project. Use the following tags: leaves_blender, capacity, potential_partner, project or organization. If you don’t have access to Diigo ask Tibi to invite you.

Coordinate with people working on Dissemination.

NOTE: Inform the Mapping initiative of Good Labs / contact Patrick about your findings, they use this data to study patterns in commons-based peer production.

Why use Diigo and not a Google Spreadsheet or something else?
1. Diigo already contains a lot of information (see food_system tag for example);
2. Your findings can be recycled in other projects by other people (part of our commons)