A Process takes inputs and transforms them into outputs, and may be connected to other Processes in process flows. The work of Work - Documenting contributes to This Process.

A Process happens in an organizational Context.
Context: The Project Portable Sauna

Design, produce a portable sauna.

This process fulfills a Work order.
Order: Work order 314 , Design and produce a portable sauna due: 2021-03-01

Previous processes:

This Process:

Design and produce a portable sauna starting 2021-01-01 ending 2021-03-01

Input requirements:

Resource use Equipment - Mechanical - Power tools 1.00 Each
Resource use Space Lab 1.00 Area - square meters
Time Contribution Work - R&D mechanics 1.00 Time - Hours
Time Contribution Work - Artistic 50.00 Time - Hours

Video production, publication and improved aesthetics of documentation.

Time Contribution Work - Analysis and Strategy 5.00 Time - Hours

Put this project into a sustainable business perspective.

Time Contribution Work - Documenting 30.00 Time - Hours

Write documentation about the design, prototype, process, make the work stigmergic.

document here

Time Contribution Work - Technician experimental 30.00 Time - Hours

Prototyping, assembling prototype, follow design.

Time Contribution Work - Manual 80.00 Time - Hours

Low skills tasks.

Time Contribution Work - Shopping 10.00 Time - Hours

Look for materials in local stores, get inspired, purchase.

Output plans:

Prototype material 1.00 Each

Resources created:

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