A Process takes inputs and transforms them into outputs, and may be connected to other Processes in process flows. The work of Work - Documenting contributes to This Process.

A Process happens in an organizational Context.
Context: The Project Breathing Games

This Process:

Make 5 BG Pressure devices prototype starting 2020-01-15 ending 2020-02-29

Create 5 pressure devices (prototypes), to be used in research at St. Justine, with real patients.

See project page

We are using this R%D document

Input requirements:

Resource use Space Lab 1.00 Time - Hours
Time Contribution Work - Shopping 5.00 Time - Hours

Find and orders pats

Time Contribution Work - Facilitation and coordination 2.00 Time - Hours

Communicate, help, facilitate, coordinate work for all participants.

Time Contribution Work - Administration 5.00 Time - Hours

Setting up space for the initiative, documentation, webpage, and other collaboration tools, NRP page, etc.

Time Contribution Work - Outreach-Marketing 5.00 Time - Hours

Call for participation, social media

Time Contribution Work - R&D mechanics 10.00 Time - Hours

3D print the casing of the device and assemble the device.

Time Contribution Work - R&D electronics 10.00 Time - Hours

Work on the electronic system of the device

Time Contribution Work - Transportation 2.00 Time - Hours

Go take parts, devices from one physical location to another.

Time Contribution Work - Meeting 5.00 Time - Hours

Meetings with participants and stakeholders

Time Contribution Work - Documenting 5.00 Time - Hours

Keep R&D doc up to date.
Create other docs if needed.

Time Contribution Work - Analysis and Strategy 5.00 Time - Hours

Consider what approach to take to perform this activity. Analyze the situation, resources, who's available and can help, etc.

Output plans:

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