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Page on p2pFoundation, mainly maintained by Michel Bauwens, as on can see here.

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  • Event: The Partner State p2pFoundation post Citation May 30, 2016 from: Access
    • Process: Exploration
      • Workers: Work - Documenting from: Tibi
      • Labnotes:

        Create summaries of your reading, in a way that you can save time to other affiliates, if they want to integrate the same information.
        While documenting, also think that your summaries can be picked up in reports.
        Other will use your summaries to analyse and strategize.

        Work stigmergically!

      • Workers: Work - Information mining from: Tibi
      • Labnotes:

        Search information sources for pertinent information, filter and curate.
        If you read and document log that under documentation.
        You can use Diigo
        with Tags "blockchainaccess_project" and "paper" or "book"
        You can also use other tools to build a list of references.

        NOTE that this work requires reading. Log all time spent, but just make sure you justify.

      • Workers: Work - Meeting from: Tibi
      • Labnotes:

        Log time spent on meetings here. Mention the people you were in a meeting with and link to a meeting notes doc.

      • Workers: Work - Training others from: Tibi
      • Labnotes:

        Help affiliates get up to speed with the work done here.

      • Workers: Work - Analysis and Strategy from: Tibi
      • Labnotes:

        Analyse the information gathered by different affiliates and extract the essential, produce synthesis, reformat in a more coherent way, extract next steps of the project from it.

    • Event: Resource Production Document - Project or process documentation 1.00 Idea May 30, 2016