Resource: Equipment - Mechanical - 3D printer: ORD Solutions FDM Printer   Event history   Incoming Value Flow
Quantity 1.00 Each
Current Location Sensorica Main Lab
Access Rules

Co-owners have unlimited access.
FabLab members have access through the Managers.
TechShop clients have access through the Managers.
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Assignments Custodian : Thi
Custodian : Daniel
Custodian : Lynn
Custodian : Tibi
Custodian : Maria
Custodian : Mario
Custodian : Jean-Francois
Custodian : Marisa
Custodian : Tyler
Manager : Daniel (Contact)
Trainer : Daniel (Contact)
Manager : Tibi (Contact)
Certifier : Daniel (Contact)
Custodian : Frederic
Custodian : Ilian
Technician : Daniel
Record created date April 20, 2015
Record created by tibi


Where from:

  • Event: Receive April 16, 2015 1.00 from: ORD Solutions
    • Exchange: Purchase exchange type starting 2015-04-16
    • Contributions to payment for ORD Solutions FDM Printer:
      • Receive: April 16, 2015 $71.73 from: Tibi
      • Receive: March 24, 2015 $300.00 from: Daniel
      • Receive: March 24, 2015 $500.00 from: Daniel
      • Receive: March 24, 2015 $1000.00 from: Thi
      • Receive: Feb. 27, 2015 $100.00 from: Mario
      • Receive: Feb. 27, 2015 $200.00 from: Maria
      • Receive: Feb. 26, 2015 $250.00 from: Jean-Francois
      • Receive: Feb. 20, 2015 $500.00 from: Marisa
      • Receive: Feb. 16, 2015 $100.00 from: Lynn
      • Receive: Feb. 16, 2015 $200.00 from: Ilian
      • Receive: Feb. 16, 2015 $300.00 from: Daniel
      • Receive: Feb. 6, 2015 $220.00 from: Frederic
      • Receive: Feb. 6, 2015 $200.00 from: Tyler
      • Receive: Jan. 29, 2015 $100.00 from: Tibi
      • Receive: Dec. 29, 2014 $200.00 from: Daniel

Where to:

  • Event: ORD Solutions FDM Printer Resource use 12.00 HR Dec. 30, 2021 from: Greens for Good
    • Process: Work Package 4 - Deliverables - design
      • Workers: Work - R&D mechanics from: None
      • Labnotes:

        Design, budget of 2,250$

        Easily replicable design with stock components and minimal use of custom parts (unless they can be digitally fabricated with a RepRap class 3-D printer or CNC mill –e.g. limit to what is found in most fab labs and avoid high energy processes and a skilled machinist). The designers should seek to minimize cost and complexity while keeping throughput high (continuous if possible).

        # Work should be done transparently, allowing all project contributors to provide feedback and to contribute.
        # Contributions without proper documentation according to requirements of CERN open source hardware license are invalid.
        # Documentation should be created progressively, during every work session, not at the end of a task.
        # This task cannot be monopolized by any contributor, it is open to participation.
        # Milestones must be announced to project affiliates as they are reached.
        # Number of man-hours and budget are fixed. If more time is spent than planned and money to be paid surpasses the allocated budget, contributors involved in this task split the allocated budget in proportion to everyone's contribution.
        # Contributions that do not reflect good work, that are inflated, or that are not properly documented can be redflagged by any contributor in this project, which can lead to the invalidation of the contribution. Repetitively misrepresenting work in logged contributions can lead to expulsion from project.

        Open Design doc.

      • Workers: Work - Information mining from: PraxecoAffiliate
      • Labnotes:

        Conducted literature review about generic extruders in the food industry, their operation, and main components of industrial extrusion plants.
        Mapping existing organizations (on Diigo) that have relevant activities such as supplying machines or industrial production.
        Acquired a 2020 book that details the processes of extrusion processing as well as the mechanical and electrical design considerations involved.

      • Workers: Work - Meeting from: None
      • Workers: Work - Documenting from: None
      • Labnotes:

        Harvesting discussions and placing them into documents, formatting documents.

      • Workers: Work - Technician experimental from: None
      • Labnotes:

        Logging low-skill technical work.

        Suppose you 3D print something that takes 10 hours, but only requires one hour of setting up the printer, checking the print job from time to time, make on the fly adjustments and post-processing the part. You only log one hour.
        The ware and tear of your 3D printer is logged in the Usable Inputs section. Your printer must be part of the Sensorica's pool of shareables, which means that it needs to be part of the inventory. Ask Tibi to add your printer.

      • Workers: Work - Transportation from: None
      • Labnotes:

        Transporting self or something, traveling.

      • Workers: Work - Shopping from: None
      • Labnotes:

        Time spend shopping for parts and materials online or in physical stores.

    • Event: Resource Production Document - Project or process documentation 12.00 HR Dec. 30, 2021
  • Event: ORD Solutions FDM Printer Resource use 1.00 HR July 6, 2015 from: Digital Fab services
  • Event: ORD Solutions FDM Printer Resource use 1.50 HR May 5, 2015 from: soilsensor
    • Process: Prototyping stage
      • Workers: Work - Documenting from: Tibi
      • Labnotes:

        Documenting the prototype, its characteristics, behavior, functioning, observations, lessons learned, etc.

      • Workers: Work - R&D electronics from: Colin
      • Labnotes:

        testing possibilities for balancing two phototransistors.

    • Event: Resource Production Prototype Material - Optical soil moisture sensor 1.50 HR May 5, 2015
  • Event: ORD Solutions FDM Printer Give 1.00 Each April 16, 2015 from: ORD Solutions