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Design a method and a device to manufacture glass fiber constriction transducers.

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  • Event: Glass fiber constriction transducer - fabrication Citation Aug. 12, 2014 from: Constriction transducer
  • Event: Glass fiber constriction transducer - fabrication Citation Aug. 12, 2014 from: Mosquito
    • Process: Make Photonics - Constriction Transducer
      • Workers: Work - R&D optics from: Tibi
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        Worked with Francois on exploring the constriction transducer with the LED 850nm Mosquito.
        See report

        May 22
        Worked on the constriction again. I made some experiments to distinguish between my model and Frederic's model of the constriction transducer.
        My model: some light get's transferred into the cladding at the constriction site and after some travel comes back in the core. As it does that, it interferes with the light that continued into the core and the detector sees this interference pattern. I thought that if I coat the entire constricted area and the lever with silver I would increase the sensitivity of the transducer, because more light would come back into the core.
        I made 3 transducers, one with 4 constrictions, one with 2 constrictions and the one with a single constriction. The first two I constricted approx 30%, the last one approx 50%. I connected them to the Chinese LD Mosquito that came back from Phil.
        Through the fluctuations of this Mosquito, because we understand its defaults, I could measure some sensitivity for the 4 constrictions transducer, but not good enough for the other ones. The Mosquito behaves in a strange/unpredictable way.
        I used the reusable optical fiber connectors to connect the fiber.
        In conclusion, it seems that my theory about the mechanism behind the constriction transducer is not the one I thought.
        Pictures and videos were made.

    • Event: Resource Production Prototype Material - Constriction transducer 1.00 Idea Aug. 12, 2014