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To make a master mold (positive relief) using the 3D prototyping technique that SENSORICA has developed, and compare the generated replicas with PDMS replicas fabricated by soft lithography with a standard silicon substrate.
We’ll use a CAD file design that we need to make into a format accessible to B9Creator.
The prototypes (molds for PDMS) will be characterized and tested with standard silicon moulds in a side-by-side manner.
Then we will see if neurons are as viable inside the devices as fabricated by your method as by standard soft lithography.
The resin is likely to have some cytotoxic effects in these neurons, we anticipate that after a few PDMS replicas are made, the remaining resin will be negligible on future PDMS replicas.

This project is in synergy with the 3D printer project, and more precisely the Micro 3D printer project.

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