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Made by Tibi and Francois
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Record created date Feb. 27, 2014
Record created by tibi

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  • Event: Mosquito SS4 Optical Design Citation Feb. 27, 2014 from: SENSORICA
    • Process: Make prototype Mosquito SS4 and Mosquito LD (laser ) Sensor Prototype
      • Workers: Work - R&D electronics from: NicolasJF
      • Labnotes:

        Worked with Tibi and Jonathan testing the Mosquito enhanced driver

      • Workers: Work - Technician experimental from: Tibi
      • Labnotes:

        work on this prototype

      • Workers: Work - R&D optics from: Tibi
      • Labnotes:

        Assist Nicholas with integration, optical side.

    • Event: Resource Production Prototype Material - Mosquito LD (laser) sensor 1.00 Idea Feb. 27, 2014