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In continuation of Kevins' work, this design is optimized for machining standards and ease of use. Grove, score or scratch 3 sizes of fibers (1mm, 0,5mm, 0,25mm) and more, in 4 different angles to the blade, (0*, 10*, 20*, 30*). Adjust the blades' depth into the fiber with the Precision screw.

I designed this device to be CNC-ed out of 1ΒΌ'' acrylic square bar or polyjet 3D printed. We'll use it to scratch, groove and score 3 or more sizes of optical fibers, in 4 different angles, for special purposses... Needs one standard 18mm high blade, 2 springs under the blade, one 1/4'' precision adjustment screw and bushing, and 4 M3 screws to hold both parts of the machine together. Oh and 4 3/16'' acrylic rods 2cm high stuck with super glue in the bottom part and tightened with the M3 screws in the top part. The 3D print version is in fact merged, no more acrylic rods and M3 screws, and a bit smaller to save on photopolymer material.

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