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This is a LabView instrument driver for the Pololu stepper motor, to be controlled with a LabJack card.
This program integrates with the "IA Labview platform for research environment" made by Tibi that you can find here.

Record created date April 18, 2013
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  • Event: Resource Production Oct. 31, 2013 1.00 from: SENSORICA

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  • Event: Pololu stepper motor LabView program with LabJack Citation Nov. 21, 2013 from: SENSORICA
    • Process: Make Micro Gym prototype
      • Workers: Work - Technician experimental from: Tibi
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        Work with Ivan to reinstall the Micro Gym at Phil's lab and to help him play with the gel samples. These manipulations require the formation of the gel in the mold created by Ivan, attachment of the gel tube to 2 needles and executing a training protocol, which consists in stretching the gel and compressing it with given time parameters for a number of times.

    • Event: Resource Production Prototype Material - Perfusion and incubation systems 1.00 HR Nov. 21, 2013