Process: Mapping interest to Conditions for project starting 2016-09-07 ending 2016-09-09

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Document - Conditions for project @Mapping interest 1.00 Idea due Sept. 9, 2016


Planned Work: (Requirements are ordered by due date)

Work - Documenting: 8.00 Time - Hours due Sept. 7, 2016

Work for mapping interest in the project.

Every project must have a "Path to market" page associated with it. Open the project's Path to Market page and document who would be interested the product-idea, who would be interested in actively participating, or in sourcing the project, or in spreading the word about the project.
To find the Path to market page use the website's search bar to search for the "name of the project" and "path to market".


Process context:

Pattern: Change
Order: Work order 234 for Conditions for project due: 2016-10-11

Previous processes:

Create spaces to Conditions for project starting 2016-09-07 ending 2016-09-07

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Outreach idea to Conditions for project starting 2016-09-09 ending 2016-09-14

Process notes:

Map interested entities.
Interested entities can be: consumers, collaborators, ambassadors, ...

Requirements: idea, space
Output: maps of interested parties