Process: Create presentation to send to David starting 2016-08-15 ending 2016-08-22

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Document - Presentation 1.00 Idea due Aug. 22, 2016
Completed: produces 1.00 Idea July 25, 2019
  Resource: Document - Presentation: Verdun project - Concept presentation 1.00 Idea


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Work event: Work - Give presentation conference 1.00 Each Aug. 31, 2016 Done by Tibi

Presented to David and Gillian with Alex and Jim, at David's office

Work event: Work - Analysis and Strategy 1.00 Time - Hours Aug. 30, 2016 Done by Tibi

Reflections, email communication and editing of the presentation.
Introduced Infrastructure and Service layers.
Went through Open Alliance docs.

Work event: Work - Writing 2.00 Time - Hours Aug. 30, 2016 Done by Tibi
Work event: Work - Artistic 0.25 Time - Hours Aug. 15, 2016 Done by Jim

Kicked off the presentation with a title and pic. Was half serious, but, it might stick.

Process context:

Pattern: Funding initiative
Context: Verdun
Order: Work order 229 , Create presentation to send to David due: 2016-08-22

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Gillian asked us to create a deck with a first draft of the concept.

Open presentation.