Process: Create mind map to NRP UI/UX project initiation starting 2016-02-01 ending 2016-02-22

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Design Software - Infrastructure component 1.00 Each due Feb. 9, 2016

Mind map of the new NRP UI as guide to conceptualizing navigation

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Work - Analysis and Strategy: 1.00 Time - Hours due Feb. 9, 2016
Taken by Tibi
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Feb. 9, 2016 3.00 Time - Hours Done by Lynn

Created catalog of existing functions, discussed mind map as it developed.

Unplanned Work:

Work event: Work - Documenting 1.00 Time - Hours Oct. 9, 2015 Done by Fabio

Proposal of landing page (28.09) and comments

Process context:

Pattern: Software Development
Context: NRP UI/UX Upgrade
Order: Work order 191 for NRP UI/UX project initiation due: 2016-03-31

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Create road map to NRP UI/UX project initiation starting 2016-02-22 ending 2016-03-18

Process notes:

Mind map in metamaps to start to define the navigation and how the features might relate to each other.