Process: Concept Selection to Conditions for project starting 2015-11-12 ending 2015-11-16

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Document - Conditions for project @Concept Selection 1.00 Idea due Nov. 16, 2015

Process context:

Pattern: Change
Order: Work order 184 for Conditions for project due: 2015-11-25

Previous processes:

Concept generation to Conditions for project starting 2015-11-08 ending 2015-11-12

Next processes:

Concept testing to Conditions for project starting 2015-11-16 ending 2015-11-18

Process notes:

After the concept generation we have to select the best concepts to produce. For that we can build a criteria matrix referencing each of the concepts and weighting them. Rate and rank the concepts according to the outputs of the benchmark. If necessary, combine and improve different concepts (remove bad features and combine good qualities). After all as an output we are gonna have the best concept that may be more than one.

Keep in mind that this is a reflective process that should be in continuous improvement.