Process: Concept generation to Conditions for project starting 2015-11-08 ending 2015-11-12

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Document - Conditions for project @Concept generation 1.00 Idea due Nov. 12, 2015

Process context:

Pattern: Change
Order: Work order 184 for Conditions for project due: 2015-11-25

Previous processes:

Benchmarking to Conditions for project starting 2015-11-05 ending 2015-11-08

Next processes:

Concept Selection to Conditions for project starting 2015-11-12 ending 2015-11-16

Process notes:

Create as many concepts as possible, brainstorm as many Ideas as possible, be creative. Search internally (create new concepts) and externally (based on existing concepts). Always focusing on critical problems, exploring systematically to get an integrated solution building a constructive feedback.