Process: Milestone 3 Production stage to R&D plan for PV characterization starting 2015-07-05 ending 2015-07-12

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R&D report @Manufacturing stage 1.00 Idea due July 12, 2015

Process context:

Pattern: Manufacturing
Context: PV characterization
Order: Work order 164 for R&D plan for PV characterization due: 2015-07-12

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Milestone 3 - Mechanical Assembly for PV characterization to R&D plan for PV characterization starting 2015-08-07 ending 2015-09-18

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Process notes:

This is the last stage of an R&D process. The output is a product, which is a functional thing. This process is about modifying the last and best working prototype, itself based on the best design, in order to fit manufacturing processes, and product design requirements, informed by a marketing research. The output is a production recipe.

This process is also known as Production Ramp-up: The product is made by using the intended production system. The purpose of the ramp-up is to train the workforce and to workout any remaining problems in the production processes. Products produced during production ramp-up are sometimes supplied to preferred customers and are carefully evaluated to identify any remaining flaws. The transition from production ramp-up to ongoing production is usually gradual. At some point in this transition, the product is launched and becomes available for widespread distribution. A postlaunch project review may occur shortly after the launch. This review includes an assessment of the project from both commercial and technical perspectives and intended to identify ways to improve the development process for future projects.

INPUT: prototype description
OUTPUT: manufacturing recipe

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