Process: Design formalization to R&D for Periscope project - Barda starting 2015-02-28 ending 2015-03-14

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R&D report @Product design stage 1.00 Idea due March 14, 2015

Process context:

Pattern: Documentation
Context: Periscope project - Barda
Order: Work order 157 for R&D for Periscope project - Barda due: 2015-07-31

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Design considerations to R&D for Periscope project - Barda starting 2015-02-01 ending 2015-02-26

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Process notes:

This design stage focuses on the product itself and feeds on the Design considerations stage. Designs are represented by some sort of design file: a sketch, a CAD file, link to a software repository, etc.

INPUT: all from Ideation and Design considerations
OUTPUT: design - file(s), can be multiple

Distinguish 2 levels of design at this stage:
1- System Level Design: Definition of architecture, decomposition into subsystems and components, and preliminary design of key components. Plans for the production system and final assembly; Outputs: Geometric Layout, a functional specification of each subsystems, and a preliminary process flow diagram for the final assembly process.
2- Detail Design: Complete specification of geometry, materials, tolerance of all unique parts; identification of all the standard parts to be purchased from suppliers. Process plan established and tooling designed for each installed part. Outputs: Documentation for the product - drawings or computer files describing the geometry of each part and its assembly or installation tooling, specs of purchased parts and the process plan for assembly. Three Critical issues: Materials Selection; production cost; and robust performance.

Desired design characteristics
* Upgratable (the sharing economy)
* Modular (perpetual products and customizable) - see this link about a specific effort to define a standard for scientific parts.
* Interoperable (standards)
* Robust
* Sustainable