Process: Design considerations to Make Optical soil moisture sensor prototype starting 2015-01-17 ending 2015-01-19

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R&D report @Design considerations 1.00 Idea due Jan. 19, 2015

Process context:

Pattern: Change
Context: soilsensor
Order: Work order 149 for Make Optical soil moisture sensor prototype due: 2015-01-29

Previous processes:

Ideation stage to Make Optical soil moisture sensor prototype starting 2015-01-15 ending 2015-01-17

Next processes:

Product design stage to Make Optical soil moisture sensor prototype starting 2015-01-19 ending 2015-01-22

Process notes:

NOTE: you need to create specific design processes here (Design electronic, mechanical, optical or other)

This is a high-level design effort to take into consideration a few important elements. Note that these elements maintain important relations and they cannot be considered on an individual basis.
* Ecosystem: A reflection about standards to be used, based on a map of the ecosystem this product will be part of. The goal is interoperability.
* Lifecycle: A reflection about how this product will be used and who it will end its life. Is it modular and used in conjunction with other things (see System)? Is it a "perpetual product" (i.e. the user is able repair and to update/upgrade it) and if so, how easy it is to be updated/upgraded? Will it be possible to recycle parts of the product to be used in other applications once the product becomes obsolete? Is it recyclable? Is this product meant to be shared by a group of individuals during its lifetime?
* Business model: A reflection about how the product is generating value for the community that designs and supports it. Is the value capturing mechanism based on service? Is this a product that is owned or rented? Is the product serviced on site or remotely? Is this product labeled as a sustainable product (local, ethical, environmentally friendly).
* Manufacturing: A reflection about supply chain and fabrication. What are the optical supply chain and parts in order to reduce cost and environmental impact. What the best fabrication technology/method? How important is quality?
* System: a reflection about how the thing will be put together.

INPUT: idea
OUTPUT: Design considerations - a file

Desired design characteristics
* Shareable (the sharing economy)
* Modular (perpetual products and customizable) - see this link about a specific effort to define a standard for scientific parts.
* Interoperable (standards)
* Socializable (offer value through social interactions and communities)
* Sustainable

See product design philosophy doc