Process: Ideation stage to Make Optical soil moisture sensor prototype starting 2015-01-15 ending 2015-01-17

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R&D report @Ideation stage 1.00 Idea due Jan. 17, 2015

Process context:

Pattern: Create Changeable
Context: soilsensor
Order: Work order 149 for Make Optical soil moisture sensor prototype due: 2015-01-29

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Design considerations to Make Optical soil moisture sensor prototype starting 2015-01-17 ending 2015-01-19

Process notes:

Ideation is the first step in an R&D process. During this stage you create a rough description of what it is to be made, which responds to a specific need.

This stage is also called Concept Development": Identify Needs of target Market; Alternative concepts generated and evaluated; Refinement & Selection of the bests for further development and testing; (Concept - description of form, function and features accompanied by a set of specs, besides analysis of concurrents and an economic justification of the project.

OUTPUT: a description of the idea in the Main document of the project.