Process: Make Prototype Electronic Mosquito SS4 starting 2013-12-01 ending 2014-07-31

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Unplanned Production:


Planned Work: (Requirements are ordered by due date)

Unplanned Work:

Work event: Work - Technician experimental 20.00 Time - Hours Dec. 19, 2013 Done by Frederic

The time is just an approximation by Tibi.
Need to ask Frederic to provide a better approximation.


Unplanned Citations:

Cited: Mosquito SS4 Electronics Design 1.00 Idea Feb. 27, 2014

Usable Inputs

Space Lab: 1.00 Time - Hours due Dec. 1, 2013
Onhand: Space - Frederic D's lab 200.00 Area - square meters
Used: Space - Frederic D's lab 20.00 Time - Hours Dec. 31, 2013 by SENSORICA
Onhand: Space - Makxim's lab 100.00 Area - square meters
Onhand: Space - Phil's lab 25.00 Area - square meters
Onhand: Space - SENSORICA Montreal lab 250.00 Area - square meters
Onhand: Space - SENSORICA Robotics lab 1000.00 Area - square meters

Process context:

Pattern: Generic R&D
Context: Mosquito

Previous processes:

Make Design Electronic Mosquito SS4 starting 2013-08-31 ending 2014-07-31

Next processes:

Make prototype Mosquito SS4 and Mosquito LD (laser ) Sensor Prototype starting 2014-02-27 ending 2014-03-31

Process notes:

Make the physical prototype of the electronics for the Mosquito SS4.
Please cite the Design.
Please link to a document describing the prototype and the way it operates, data showing its operation...