Process: Make Design Electronic Mosquito SS4 starting 2013-08-31 ending 2014-07-31

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Unplanned Production:


Planned Work: (Requirements are ordered by due date)

Unplanned Work:

Work event: Work - Design Electronics 1.00 Time - Hours June 10, 2014 Done by Francois

Antonio, Jonathan, Tibi and Francois had a meeting on how to continue the Mosquito project.
It was decided to:
buy a PD circuit with integrated amplifier (TA- transimpedance amplifier)
measure light intensity signal to know what circuit to buy
choose circuit
use a DSP (microcontroller)

Timeframe and tasks

June 10:
test existing Mosquito
choose PD circuit.

Work event: Work - Design Electronics 20.00 Time - Hours Oct. 31, 2013 Done by Frederic

NOTE: number of hours was only estimated by Tibi...
See with Frederic and ask him to provide a better approximation.
This is ONLY for the design, not the prototyping work.

Process context:

Pattern: Intellectual - Design
Context: Mosquito

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Next processes:

Make prototype Mosquito SS4 and Mosquito LD (laser ) Sensor Prototype starting 2014-02-27 ending 2014-03-31

Make Prototype Electronic Mosquito SS4 starting 2013-12-01 ending 2014-07-31

Process notes:

Design the electronics part of the Mosquito SS4.
Please link to a design document!