Process: Work Package 5 - Wrapping up and Document - Project or process documentation starting 2021-05-11 ending 2021-05-16

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Document - Project or process documentation 1.00 Idea due May 16, 2021

Leaves Blender Testing, Reports and Manuals

Completed: produces 1.00 Idea April 15, 2021
  Resource: Document - Project or process documentation: Wrapping up - Leaves Blender 1.00 Idea


Planned Work: (Requirements are ordered by due date)

Work - Meeting: 10.00 Time - Hours due May 11, 2021

Meetings with others for coordination.

Work - Documenting: 20.00 Time - Hours due May 11, 2021

Edit reports, assembly and user manual.

Work events:
April 15, 2021 0.40 Time - Hours Done by Tibi

Created a working doc for this WP. Announced it on Discord and linked to it from Planning and Project map.

Process context:

Pattern: Documentation
Context: Leaves Blender
Order: Work order 319 due: 2021-05-16

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Process notes:

Documentation and reports, assembly and user manuals

Total budget of 1000$

# Work should be done transparently, allowing all project contributors to provide feedback and to contribute.
# Contributions without proper documentation are invalid.
# Documentation should be created progressively, during every work session, not at the end of a task.
# This task cannot be monopolized by any contributor, it is open to participation.
# Number of man-hours and budget are fixed. If more time is spent than planned and money to be paid surpasses the allocated budget, contributors involved in this task split the allocated budget in proportion to everyone's contribution.
# Contributions that do not reflect good work, that are inflated, or that are not properly documented can be redflagged by any contributor in this project, which can lead to the invalidation of the contribution. Repetitively misrepresenting work in logged contributions can lead to expulsion from project.

Working doc here