Process: Project wrap up to Deliver the Spider Rig starting 2018-09-30 ending 2018-10-08

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R&D report @Manufacturing stage 1.00 Idea due Oct. 8, 2018

Process context:

Pattern: Change
Context: Spider rig
Order: Work order 278 for Deliver the Spider Rig due: 2018-09-11

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Milestone 3 - Prototyping stage to Deliver the Spider Rig starting 2018-09-17 ending 2018-09-30

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Process notes:

This is the last stage of an R&D process. The output is a product, which is a functional thing. This process is about modifying the last and best working prototype, itself based on the best design. The output is a production recipe.

INPUT: prototype description
OUTPUT: Final prototype with user tutorials and repair tutorial. Report describing remaining limitations and future improvements.

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