Process: Mapping existing technology to NRP remake 2017 initiative starting 2017-07-15 ending 2017-07-18

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Document - Presentation @Mapping existing technology 1.00 Idea due July 18, 2017


Planned Work: (Requirements are ordered by due date)

Work - Information mining: 15.00 Time - Hours due July 15, 2017

Create a list of existing technology

The goal here is to avoid reinventing the wheel as much as possible and to speed up innovation. The accent is put on open source technologies that can be remixed.

Use some tool for gathering information about all existing technologies that can be applied in this project. You can use Diigo or simply a spreadsheet. If you use Diigo, create a tag specific to this search, to make it easier for others to find/filter the data.

Place the information in categories, as mechanical, electronics, optics, attributes or functions, etc.

This material will be used later to make a decision about what to integrate and how much to build on top of existing technologies.


Process context:

Pattern: Change
Order: Work order 245 for NRP remake 2017 initiative due: 2017-08-07

Previous processes:

Create structure to NRP remake 2017 initiative starting 2017-07-11 ending 2017-07-12

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Concepts generation to NRP remake 2017 initiative starting 2017-07-25 ending 2017-07-29

Process notes:

What is already out there. The goal is to integrate open source innovation as much as possible, avoid reinventing the wheel, go for fast innovation.
Map open source communities and their offers.