Process: Set up fandom 3D services starting 2016-10-04 ending 2016-10-31

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Planned Work: (Requirements are ordered by due date)

Unplanned Work:

Work event: Work - Artistic 1.00 Time - Hours Oct. 13, 2016 Done by Raza

Modeled 3D Pokemon Christmas ornament

Work event: Work - Design website 0.50 Each Oct. 13, 2016 Done by Raza

Edited pictures of Halloween glasses to prepare for listing

Work event: Work - Manual 0.50 Time - Hours Oct. 12, 2016 Done by Raza

Started cleaning up the front of the lab with Tibi for space to display 3D prints

Work event: Work - Artistic 1.00 Time - Hours Oct. 11, 2016 Done by Raza

Gathered 3D designs for Halloween from Thingiverse and GrabCAD for immediate output

Work event: Work - Administration 1.00 Time - Hours Oct. 10, 2016 Done by Raza

Set up platform on for online sales (

Created separate email account for 3D printing services (

Set up Instagram, Pinterest and Reddit accounts with username Embed3D to drive traffic to online shops

Work event: Work - Outreach-Marketing 0.50 Time - Hours Oct. 4, 2016 Done by Brigitte

Worked with Tibi on the Marketing side. Proposed some ideas.

Marketing ideas: "invite your kid to create the Halloween costume of his dream". The kid gets involved in the creative process.
Where to distribute: (values, caring for kids, education, revenue) NDG, Hamsted, Ville Marie, Westmount, Le Plateau.

Price strategy - not just selling an object, invite the kid to a creative activity and to understand 3D printing.

This will inform the marketing content and operations.

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Pattern: Create conditions for project
Context: 3Dservices

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Process notes:

Put in place infrastructure and business model to provide fandom 3D services.

This is a new business initiation process. After this has been implemented, we move to a rolling regime, where time is logged for individual commercial initiatives.

This initiative has been planned here

Ask Raza and Tibi for more, if you want to get involved.