Purchase exchange type starting 2015-07-02
Total transfer value: 134.93 Total reciprocal transfer value: 134.93


Receipt Total: 134.93

Transfer: 1.00 Each Equipment - Office - Medical safety kit: Large first aid kit, GIVE to Building SENSORICA on 2015-07-02, RECEIVE from Other mix supplier(s) on 2015-07-02

Additional Expenses Total: 0

Reciprocal Transfers

Pay Purchase Total: 134.93

Transfer: 134.93 CAD Currency - Canadian Dollars, GIVE to Other mix supplier(s) on 2015-07-02, RECEIVE from Tibi on 2015-07-02


Work event: Work - Shopping 0.17 Time - Hours July 2, 2015 Done by Tibi

Order and payment of the kit, to a local Montreal company, over the phone.