Event History for Resource Equipment - Office - Camera photo/video: Celestron microscope USB camera  

Current Quantity: 1.00 Each

Date Type From Project Qty URL Description Process
Sept. 25, 2014 Resource use Manipulator - Mantis Manipulator - low cost piezo 1.00 HR Create Prototype 1ax (buzzer) stack low cost, long range v3
April 2, 2014 Resource use SENSORICA Joint-type transducer 5.00 HR Make Prototype PMMA fiber joint-type transducer
Oct. 22, 2013 Resource use SENSORICA None 4.00 HR for taking pictures under microscope Explore use of 3D printing in microfluidics
July 31, 2013 Resource use SENSORICA None 0.70 HR Fluid level sensor
July 16, 2013 Resource use SENSORICA Manipulator - Mantis 1.00 Each Characterization of the Piezo Micromanipulator
June 2, 2013 Resource use SENSORICA None 6.00 HR
May 22, 2013 Resource use SENSORICA None 2.00 HR Needed it on top of the Microscope to take videos and pictures for measurements and documentation. Make Photonics - Constriction Transducer