Contributions for Project Agriculture grant
Date Type From Resource Type Qty URL Description Process Deliverables
Feb. 15, 2015 Time Contribution Tibi Work - Documenting 0.50 HR Open Annotated calls and shared that with the group, also gave the group some help on how to use Diigo.
Feb. 13, 2015 Time Contribution Tibi Work - Business building 1.00 HR Open worked with Abran on the grant. We explored Diigo together, discussed different calls and strategy.
Jan. 25, 2015 Time Contribution Steve Preliminary Statement of Work (Pre-SOW) 2.00 Each Organized and formatted Abran's original ideation and curation into a draft narrative for a "preliminary statement of work". This serves as an outline for a potential grant proposal or as a value proposition for a business ecosystem. Narration
Jan. 25, 2015 Time Contribution Tibi Work - Infrastructure development 1.00 HR Created main doc (content sent by Abran), created website page and workflow recipe Communicated with the group about these. Create space and structure