Contributions for Project ArtrOrica project
Date Type From Resource Type Qty URL Description Process Deliverables
March 10, 2015 Time Contribution Tibi Work - Manual 1.00 HR Helped Emmanuelle to arrange the space in the lab, put some "rideaux" in the lab to mask some furniture in the corner. Made the lab better looking for the events that we'll have in the near future.
Sept. 1, 2014 Time Contribution Tibi Work - Training others 0.75 HR spent time with Kaven on documentation and showing him how to log stuff in the VAS.
Aug. 29, 2014 Time Contribution Kaven Joyal Work - Documenting 5.00 HR Planning to task concerning the documentation of ArtrOnica 3D printer. 1) Listing (quantity, price,... 2) Add picture of printed pieces 3) Add picture of piece bought (where, how much) Make ArtrOrica 3D printer prototype and R&D report and Conditions for project and 3D printer prototype Prototype Material - 3D printer: ArtrOrica R&D report
Document - Conditions for project: ArtrOrica bill of materials
Prototype Material - 3D printer: ArtrOrica 3D printer
Aug. 28, 2014 Time Contribution Tibi Work - Documenting 1.00 HR Open Documentation of this prototype.