Contributions for Project Manipulator - Manual
Date Type From Resource Type Qty URL Description Process Deliverables
July 4, 2013 Time Contribution Jonathan Work - R&D electronics 7.75 HR Jonathan Piezo Driver Connector search, quoted PDu100 modules from american supplier 1.5hrs Piezo PCB and component search 10h55mins ~11h Piezo PCB still on being worked on. Today spent 3hrs and will press start button now. See pcb here: \Dropbox\tactus\piezo system\PCB - rev 4 - Piezo Drive Module integration Piezo Module PCB Layout 40m Piezo Module PCB Layout 6h05 Piezo Module PCB Layout 4h30 Piezo Module PCB Layout 2h52 Piezo Module PCB Layout 4h50 Piezo Module PCB Layout 4h30 piezo pdm200 testing, sent po for linear stage 7h50 Piezo Module PCB layout + meeting 3h25 Piezo Clean up (sorted all the accumulated parts, sorted work spaces etc) 4h30 Piezo Module PCB layout 3h45 Baseboard PCB layout 6h Baseboard PCB layout 2h Piezo 2ch Assembly 2h50 3Ch piezo final design review, start soldering 2ch piezo 3h30 Designing OUT board pcb 3h30 See it here \Dropbox\tactus\piezo system\PCB - rev 4 - Piezo Drive Module integration OUT board Designing PCB 8h25 Testing 3 Ch Piezo and designing PCB 5h18 Designing 3ch PCB 3h see it here: \Dropbox\tactus\piezo system\PCB - rev 4 - Piezo Drive Module integration base board Patterning and Etching PCBs for 3Ch board and 2ch out board 8h Cutting PCBs 45m PCB Assembly 26m Assembling Piezo PCBs 26m Above three items are for the home made pcbs, the out board and the base board, for the 3 ch device Assembling Piezo PCBs 3h35 Recording the time it takes to assemble piezo pcbs 4h45 see document here: Ordering Piezo Parts (for extra units) 4h10 This is for the Piezo Prototypes created by F.Cantin piezo bom and layout 5h piezo layout 7h45 Make Piezo one/two/three-channel electronics Part Electronic - Manipulator Driver: 2ax MPM-S1
Part Electronic - Manipulator Driver: 214