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Identifier Miriam
Name Miriam Nansunga
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Makerere University, Faculty of Medicine, Department of Medical Physiology.
“I am interested in a device which can detect and measure smooth muscle contraction and/or measure the vaginal diameter. I want to investigate the effect of herbal extracts on vaginal contraction/tightening. This has to start with animals like rats and rabbits before it can be tried on humans.”
Our comments: We had a phone conversation with her. She is technologically challenged, or lack of technological infrastructure. It seems hard to collaborate with her using the new Internet media. Apparently she is the head of the department at the local University. Tibi found a few mentions about Miriam on the Internet. She would be a user of the device, but she could also take part in the design of a new type of sensor, one that measures forces developed by a shrinking ring.

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